What is a Sidekick? 
A Sidekick is your personal home property manager here to connect you with pre-qualified contractors, manage bids, process payments, and ensure you're satisfied throughout the process.

How is Sidekick different from other services out there? 
Most other services are merely referral platforms. Sidekick is a virtual concierge service, giving you a single point of contact to help you through the process. 

Who makes up the Sidekick Workforce community? 
Our community is not open to everyone. Community members are either referred or recruited and follow a standard hiring process including interviews, background checks and references.

What exactly can you help me with? 
Pretty much anything related to your home service needs with the exception of putting your kids to bed, calling your in-laws or telling your husband he can’t play golf for 10 hours every weekend. 

How can I start a project? 
It’s simple! You can message us on Facebook, send us an email at info@sidekickhome.com, or call or text us at (877) 949-7845.