Joyful Holiday Home Improvements

We have made it through Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah and Christmas will be here before you know it!  The window of time between black Friday and December 23rd is the perfect time to make an impactful (but easy) improvement to your kitchen. Here I am going to share some of our favorite ideas to update your kitchen for the holidays.


Family Cheer Gathers Here


The kitchen is the one place everyone loves to mingle during family gatherings. The aromas from the stove top, the squeals of children chasing the dog around and under your feet, and the laughter of family and friends celebrating the season - these are simply a few wonderful reasons to give your kitchen a little love this year.


May Your Kitchen Be Merry and Bright (or Dim)


Restaurants, coffee shops, taverns, and other places where we go for a drink (or a bite) understand that lighting can make or break the atmosphere for their patrons. This is definitely why we are seeing more and more home kitchens find inspiration from the culinary professionals when it comes to lighting choice and selection.


romantic kitchen lighting


Warm and cheerful? Bright and modern? Rustic and romantic? Whatever the look you want for your home kitchen, you can set the mood with your lighting. Your current kitchen might have a crisp, modern feel but your dream kitchen is straight out of the film Like Water for Chocolate. It probably seems overwhelming to even start moving in the more romantic direction, but starting with lighting is the way to go.


Your modern kitchen can be easily updated with lighting that will work with the current design, but transitions as your remodeling projects progress. The industrial lighting look will fit both the modern, contemporary kitchen and will also work in your romantic kitchen-in-progress. Don’t forget to add a dimmer so you can take your kitchen from high lighting (while you’re preparing your holiday meal) to low lighting (while you’re enjoying a glass of red with your best friend as you catch up).


inspired restaurant lighting



Everything but the Kitchen Sink


Kitchen lighting may set the mood, but the kitchen sink does the hard work. If you’re anything like me, you want your kitchen sink to be both form + function. The sink needs to be the right size, have the right faucet and most importantly, be easy to clean. The faucet is exactly the reason my husband and I replaced ours almost immediately after we bought our home. It was anchored in place, and while it looked lovely, we needed more mobility in our faucet.


kitchen sink form + function



Updating your kitchen sink can instantly change the way your kitchen works for you, and your whole family. Under the “function” category mentioned previously, the size of a kitchen sink can often be the challenge that needs to be addressed first. Having a large sink, or having a sink with dual basins, can be easily updated to meet your needs. Sometimes you will need to replace your countertop that the sink is nestled into, but not always. (This is one more reason why it is important to have a contractor you trust and who has been vetted by a community like Sidekick Home.)


Open Cabinets as well as Gifts   


A look I personally love, and have seen done really well lately, is the open cabinet design. When you have closed cabinets, everything seems much smaller and closed off. Not to mention, your guests are constantly opening all of them to find a new wine glass or small plate for hors d’oeuvres. (When my sister comes for a visit, she makes me crazy by opening everything before I can tell her where to find whatever it is she needs at the moment!) Why not open your cabinets up let the insides double as décor?


open cabinets with glass doors


So there you have it! Three simple, effective kitchen updates that you still have time to make happen before your family and friends come knocking on your door, spreading their holiday cheer and libations.

What are you waiting for? One of our Sidekicks can start any of these awesome projects for you today!