Wallpaper Trends for 2017 and 2018

Wallpaper – formerly known as the stuff everyone dreads of removing during remodeling and updating. More often than not it is a tired old pattern long since outdated. The glue is hardened, and the paper is peeling and brittle. Over time walls sag and who ever put up the wallpaper in the first place might not have lined the seams up correctly. Before you know it you have an uneven mess on your hands. There is a lot to be said for wall paper that’s negative, but we’re looking at trending wallpaper and continuing trends into the next year. Wallpaper gives our spaces intricate or subtle designs that would take forever to paint by hand. Yes, believe it or not, wall paper is still trending, and some of the patterns are hot hot hot!


Botanical Wallpaper Trends

 Botanical Wallpaper Trends


Ever dreamed of hacking your way through a jungle with a machete or wish you could smell the roses in every room? Can you imagine a trip to the beach in every room? If so, then botanical wallpaper is the one for you! Right now as you read this, someone is enjoying a subtle botanical-themed wallpaper in their sun room, living room or dining room that adds to the ambiance of the space. Since earth tones rarely go out of style, a dark green/olive with bone or off-white fern patterned wallpaper against beige, tan or brown chairs, and rugs will keep your room looking great. Non-floral botanicals are silent accents to rooms you wouldn’t even notice unless you knew they were there and that they are a wallpaper design. Often wainscoting patterns, or half room wallpaper accents, add depth to an already accented wall and can really make the room pop!


Marble Wallpaper Trends 

 Marble Wallpaper Trends


Livening up a bland bathroom, kitchen or pantry is easy to do with the right wallpaper. The delectable stylings of current marble wallpaper patterns will work in these to enhance your spaces. Where traditional marble tends to consist of stone panels or tile, wallpaper is lighter and much forgiving during installation. Marble captures a timeless appearance with its swirling patterns, random veins, and the contrast between the lights and darks throughout the pattern. Marble wallpaper also sets an excellent background for the contrasting colors of appliances, decorations, utensils or additional tile colors and patterns. The marble wallpaper design continues to be a top wallpaper trend because of the elegance of the pattern combined with the lightweight and affordability of installation. Many manufacturers of marble wallpaper are providing the same traditional marble patterns but using different colors and different patterns. These non-traditional marble colors will give your walls a truly unique look, creating a style enjoyed by family members and friends for a long time. 


Art Inspired Wallpaper Trends

 Art Inspired Wallpaper Trends Flamingo Pattern


So far we have discussed patterns that are somewhat classic but still modern in style and visual patterns. Now we are switching gears and talking about wallpaper designs that are much too challenging to paint by hand. Art inspired wallpaper is just what we had in mind and is a wallpaper trend that is hot on the interior design scene. The patterns, shapes, and colors can be quite intricate. Art inspired wallpaper can range from geometrics to floral to full-color patterns or even pictures of animals or boats. These wallpaper designs consist of vivid details as if they had been hand painted. These colorful, sometimes busy designs work perfectly in living rooms, playrooms or 3 season porches. When you are looking to make a bold statement in a room, you should look no further than art inspired wallpaper. The array of designs include such a broad spectrum that these patterns and colors will make any room come to life. Forget the sensitive moods and feelings of the space you currently have - these wallpapers are for the bold, daring and playful! With the right selection of subtle colored furniture and accessories, art inspired wallpaper with last much longer than the trends we see it with now. 


Illusion Wallpaper Trends

 Illusion Wallpaper Trends Showing a Forest Background


This wallpaper trend is something special and will give you the wow-factor for years to come. Illusion wallpaper is used to create a texture or pattern in your living space to make your walls come alive with patterns that provide depth and allure. Illusion wallpaper often explores themes you otherwise wouldn’t have in your home. Patterns include books, fabrics, stones, and places. For those who wish to create the library feeling in a room, you would choose books. Fabric styles would go in a sewing room or den. Stones go in the mud room or entryway. Illusion wallpaper trends are growing in popularity because you can add the feeling of entering your home into another time, or place in history. Not to mention these patterns will last a lifetime. Any theme you choose for a room can be timeless when you make it for everyone to enjoy. This wallpaper style will continue to trend for years to come since it takes your dreams and brings them to life.


Grays and Quieter Botanical Wallpaper Trends

 Gray Botanical Wallpaper Trends


Earlier we mentioned that botanicals not only come in a traditional array of colors and patterns, but they also come in monochromatic and earth tones. These colors avoid the bright ones typical when we think of the arrangement of flowers and trees; the gray botanicals provide a neutral background that will make contrasting furniture colors come alive. The gray botanicals consist of more subtle flowers, thinner tress, or narrow leaves. These particular wallpaper patterns are made not to detract from the decorum of the total room, but as more of an augmentation to the wall's surface. These quieter botanicals will continue to be in style for years to come. This is because these designs impart a subtle flavor to your room without overpowering the wall space. With a less cluttered pattern, this particular wallpaper trend is easy for the DIYer to install and help to tie any interior design together.


 Gray Wallpaper Trends


I hope when you think of wallpaper you’ll forget the old adaptation of early seventies drab olive color and horrific patterns. There has been a lot of time, and careful study placed, into the revival of wallpaper to make designs timeless and not just some fad. The world around us is a beautiful place and to bring that beauty into your home with the simple installation of quality wallpaper is a joy to behold. Take your time to plan your wallpaper placement - maybe an accent wall or maybe the entire room - so it will not only add value to your home but will also make the space special for you and your family. Trends today, choices for a lifetime. Take care and happy wallpapering!  


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