Unique Fire Pit Designs

A Fire Pit for Every Taste and Style

If you love sitting by a fire and relaxing outdoors all summer long, you will want a fire pit if you do not already have one.  The great things about fire pits in New England are that they help keep away the flies and mosquitos, they do not usually require a burn permit like a bonfire or campfire, and they are ideal for drinking beer around.  The Sidekick Home team has seen some remarkable fire pits over the years, but these are some of the coolest examples we have seen.

Geometric Fire Pits

Metal artists like Jon Rhoads of MetalSpireworks have recently become inspired by the geometric design craze.  This hexagonal beauty is handcrafted from steel and will take on a lovely patina as it ages with use and exposure.  Measuring nearly 20 inches in diameter and standing under one foot high, this modern masterpiece is small enough to fit on just about any size patio or deck, but large enough to make a lasting impact on your summer houseguests.  However, if hexagons are not your thing, many excellent metalworkers offer more fire pits in attractive geometric designs.

Concrete Fire Pits

Another beautiful modern fireplace option, the Olson Fire Table from Concrete Wave Design combines aesthetics, form, and function flawlessly.  Concrete is an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners as well since it is made from limestone, which is the most abundant natural resource on Earth.  Concrete fire pits convert easily for either natural gas or propane use as well, making them versatile and eye-catching centerpieces suitable for any style home.

Glass Fire Pits

This stunning fire pit from BuffaloGlass is made right here in the USA from recycled glass from an industrial reflective lens factory.  The designer, Kent Keating, purchased the plant a few years ago and was pained to see the amount of clean glass thrown away.  He endeavored to create something which married form and function into a thing of useful beauty and settled on this design, called Emerald Glass.  The Emerald Glass fire pit is made to use natural gas but can be converted to propane without issue, and offers an electric igniter for simple lighting.

Industrial Fire Pits

If the industrial look is more your style, this work of yard art from Bad Idea Supply might be just the thing to complete your outdoor design.  Unlike the previous fire pits, the Blaze Tower fire pit is more like a fireplace than an open pit.  The benefits of this ty[pe of design are that the smoke is funneled up a chimney, so it is not as likely to blow in your guests’ faces, and the fire is enclosed, which may be attractive to homeowners with small children or pets.  Moreover, unlike the previous options presented here, this fire pit is wood burning only, for those of us who enjoy the smell of wood smoke.

Special Interest Fire Pits

Whatever your particular interest, there is a fire pit for it.  The above designs, from Imagine Metal Art (left) and KG Fire Pits (right) are perfect for the unique, whimsical, or nerdy kid in us all.  However, your interest need not deal with the realm of fantasy or science fiction at all.  There are many fabulous fire pit designs involving landscapes, wildlife, celestial bodies, and traditional and geometric patterns available for the savvy shopper, and with so many incredible fire pits to choose from, your only problem will be which one you like best.

Outdoor Fireplaces

If you are worried about an open flame burning in your yard, you may want to consider installing an outdoor fireplace instead of a fire pit.  Outdoor fireplaces can be wood burning or use natural gas or propane and are available in practically endless designs and materials.  They are still perfect for roasting marshmallows too!

If you would like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace of your very own, but you are not a DIY warrior, never fear!  Sidekick Home is here to help.  We have contractors ready to install your dream fire pit in your backyard, whether it is one of the products or ideas from above or something more traditional.  Call Sidekick Home today to get more information about having a fire pit professionally installed in your backyard, and get ready to party all summer long!