garage organization in 7 easy steps

 7 easy steps to an organized garage

Have you ever wondered how your garage became a cluttered mess? It usually begins with storing a few things short term, but ends in tangled disorder where you can hardly fit your car, and soon, your garage turns into a giant lost and found for everything from Christmas decorations to old bills. However, when you decide to organize your garage, you might be surprised how much space you actually have.

Garage Organization: Start with a Plan

 an organized garage starts with a plan

Planning is the first and the most important step of garage organization. The problem is that most people overlook the planning phase and jump into organization too quickly. A plan will help you understand your garage’s storage capacity and how things should be stored. Plan to start on a day on a day when you can get adequate support and recruit family or friends to help. Research possible storage options, like shelving, and take measurements of your garage, so you know the square footage of the space. Assess the usable space carefully to identify the area you can use for storage.

Clean Before Organizing Your Garage

 clean before organizing your garage

With planning done, you can move on to garage organization which starts with cleaning your garage. Empty out the garage and put your stuff in an open area. You may want to avoid using your driveway as a staging area.  You will need to thoroughly clean your garage next, and all that dirt and dust will probably go in your driveway. When your garage is empty, sweep the floors and wash the walls to remove cobwebs, dirt, and other typical debris. If you plan to give your garage a total makeover, you may find this a good time to paint the walls and stain the floors, too.

Eliminate Garage Clutter

 eliminate garage clutter

With a clean, empty garage, you can get a better idea of what you have for usable storage space.  Remember this is an organizational mission, so anything you do not need should be trashed, sold, or donated.  Try to follow the six-month rule. If you have not used it in the last six months, then you probably do not need it. Letting go of some things may prove difficult or emotional, but try to think about how good it will feel to have a clean and organized garage.

Sort Items You Will Keep in Your Garage

At this point, you can start organizing everything you plan to keep in your garage. Sorting your possessions and putting like items together will help you find things when you need them and make your work easier when it is time to put everything back. This process may also continue to help you eliminate things you no longer use or need.

Strategize for Garage Organization

After you finish purging and organizing your stuff, it is time to start allocating space for storing it all. Start by assigning space to the car. Ensure your account for space with the car doors open, so you and your passengers can enter and exit comfortably. Next, identify the walls that you want to use for storage. Try to use the walls rather than floor space if possible to make the most of the square footage.

Install Fixtures to Help Organize Your Garage

There are plenty of DIY garage organizers available to the handy homeowner, or you can hire a professional to install shelves, pegboards or other hardware. However, you choose to install, be sure everything is done correctly for safety reasons.  Use as much of the wall space as you can during this step to maximize storage capacity.

Label It: The Garage Organization Finale 

 label items in your garage when organizing

You have finally arrived at the last phase of garage organization. Label your bins, boxes, and shelves to expedite putting everything away, and get it done.  Now, you can park your car in the garage again, treat everyone who helped out to pizza, and enjoy your newly organized space!


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