Give Your Home Personality with These Finish Carpentry Ideas

 contractor adding finish carpentry

Finish carpentry gives the eye an opportunity to skip over imperfections. It makes woodwork appeal to the sight and helps you add personality to your home. Take away the trims and finishes, and your home is stripped of its completeness. As minor as they seem, once trim work, moldings, and other finish accents are installed, you will have a whole new personality to your home.

Floating Stairs

 interesting floating stairs as finish carpentry

If you are planning for a modern design which resonates with contemporary interiors, then floating stairs are the way to go. They look fresh, and your home will present differently with the installation of floating wooden stairs. The design is minimalistic, but the effect is tremendously gratifying for homeowners who want a chic and urban look for their home.

Floating Shelves

If you live by the adage less is more, then you would probably like floating shelves easy to install, and simple yet sophisticated finish trim only enhances their look. Those who want a modern look will love floating shelves with trims in their living area. You can even do away with bedside tables by installing floating shelves. The appearance is unconventional and gives your interior décor an edge.

Exterior Trim and Molding

 house exterior with nice finish carpentry

The thoughts of anyone in the midst of a remodeling project are usually so focused on the bigger picture that they may not have considered finishing touches to the exterior. Whether you want a contemporary look with clean lines or a Gothic look with lacy trims; adding finish carpentry to the exterior of your home definitely adds character.

Contrasting Window Trim

White window trims on white walls are common, but have you considered the compelling views created by black trims on white walls? When window trims create contrast, the eyes enjoy a nice variation in colors. If you like to experiment with colors, try picking something other than black. Go with a walnut color or a light brown. Every shade has its own unique effect. Contrast it carefully with the color of your current walls for lovely looking window trim.

Light Molding or Light Rails

Cabinets installed in the kitchens and bathrooms can employ lights under the cabinet to enhance the look of the room and to improve its the functionality. Light moldings are considered a standard cabinetry feature mostly so you would not have to spend a lot on this feature. Moreover, the impact is highly rewarding.


 wainscoting finish carpentry

The finest homes in the world use wainscot to enhance their beauty, so why choose to let your home be without it? Wainscoting your house can change the entire look of the place. It looks richer and more beautiful after wainscoting. You may want to match the colors to that of your furniture to make things look smooth, or you can pick contrasting colors and let the wainscot stand out and redefine the beauty of your home.

Crown Molding

 stunning finish carpentry with crown molding

If you are thinking of crown molding, then there are lots of patterns and designs to consider. Some of them are heavily layered and will look good in homes with high ceilings. Others are simpler and are more suitable for low ceilings. Choose crown moldings according to the size of the height of the rooms.

These finish carpentry ideas will help you give your home a unique appeal everyone will admire. However, use these ideas wisely to ensure all the elements complement each other and your home’s finishing touches flow well.


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