The Beauty of Living Walls

 The Beauty of Living Walls


Take your Home design to the Next Level with a Living Wall


Green is the easiest color on the eyes. Green is calming and vibrant with life. What better way to celebrate your home than with plants of panoply shades and designs. For a plant lover, there is no better way to liven up a yard, deck or other outdoor structure than a living wall.

What is a Living Wall?

 Living walls include shrubs, vines, and even perennials


A living wall is a collection of plants such as shrubs, trees, perennials, vines, or anything that grows on the vertical to create a barrier or covering, like a decorative fence or privacy shield. Either way, a living wall will add beauty and interest to your property. Many types of plants can be used to create the perfect living wall. If your wall is outdoors and a permanent structure in your yard then perennials could be the ideal solution. An arrangement of these flowers and plants that bloom at different times create a wall of ever-changing colors and textures for you to enjoy.


 Living walls can be indoors, too


For indoor walls, annual, or houseplants can be switched as often as you like, giving your indoor space a life of its own! If you have a deck, patio, pergola, or other permanent structure in your yard, you can create a colorful focal point in your outdoor space with climbing plants of all varieties.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Living walls make excellent additions to any landscape to improve aesthetics, control soil erosion and nutrient depletion. Living walls can also make an attractive property divider that doesn't require a permit or have zoning restrictions like traditional fences. This unique barrier could prove an excellent alternative to a traditional fence, whether your needs are large or small. A living wall can also be the vertical garden of your dream. All your herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers lined up at chest level, so you do not have to hunch over in the garden.

What Can be Used as a Living Wall?

 What can be used as a living wall? Roses can, for example. 


Wondering what plants to use for your living wall? That depends on what you want your living wall to do.  Shrubs, dwarf trees and hedges of all kinds can provide a measure of privacy, particularly when given a few years to grow and fill out. For walls with a traditional trestle style, vines or climbers, such as morning glory or roses, will be your best bet. Plant vines and roses directly in the ground, or in a low planter, so the plant can climb your fence, pergola, or lattice as it grows.  Some plants, like ivy, can grab onto almost any surface and grow upwards without training and tying, unlike roses which need to training to grow vertically.


 Succulents are low maintenance plants for living walls


Living walls can be sporadic in placement to provide both an accent to surface or as hanging decorations. For those aspiring gardeners who cannot see to keep a plant alive despite their best efforts, succulents in make an excellent choice. Succulents are perfect for drier environments or those who often forget to water. The variation of their foliage is sure to add vibrancy to any wall or room without being overpowering. Succulents are perfect for hiding in nooks and crannies on sun bars, counters, rock walls, patios, tiles, or any other crevice or crack in your hardscape.

Why Living Walls?

Living walls make an excellent addition to any home, inside or out, for any reason, even no reason other than you want one of your own. The freshness of an indoor wall with natural fragrances will provide that wonderful aroma in your house for weeks on end. The shade and privacy of hedges, tall shrubs, and trees are an easy alternative to traditional fences. Diversity on your wall also will provide a beautiful aesthetic piece your friends and neighbors will be green with envy over! Whatever your reason for creating a living wall for your home, the choices and styles are endless.


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