The Ins and Outs of Power Washing

 Power washing concrete steps

Every Home Could Use a Good Power Washing


Many people love the seasons of spring and summer, and why not? These are the seasons where everything is thriving. Animals come out of hibernation, green returns, and peoples’ moods improve. Everything is fresh and new.


Well...not everything. The exterior of your property - your home, deck, patio, roof, walkways - is probably pretty dirty right about now. 


Think about it. Particles dispersing through the air, ranging from hanging exhaust fumes from the thrum of passing cars and dirty emission plumes from smokestacks to more natural causes of irritation, such as pollen and rain, can leave your home looking grimy and unattractive.


What can you do? You cannot control the actions of other people more than you can control how neat Mother Nature is, right? Enter power washing.

What is Power Washing?

 Power washing a patio


Power washing is serious business. You may have used a power washer before, and not even had known it. For instance, have you ever been to a DIY car wash, or have noticed the heavy, pressurized hoses car wash employees might use to wash your car? Those are power washers. Moreover, it turns out that they have other applications beyond just washing your car. Cleaning your property is a good example.


Have you been considering washing your house? Power washing is a great option for homeowners to first and foremost preserve the value of their home. Fungus, insects, and other kinds of crispy critters, as well as undesirable growth, can eventually drive down the property value of your home. This makes it a prudent decision towards maintaining curb appeal, as well as happy neighbors. 

Why Should I Power Wash?

 power washing a dirty roof


In addition to maintaining your property’s value, which is a big reason to power wash in of itself, it is fiscally responsible. Instead of letting nature have its way with your home, you can have it power washed regularly. You might wind up saving money in the long run because if an issue gets out of hand, it may cost more to get rid of it than it would be if you had just taken the time to power wash your house down. (Or up and down — that is how you are supposed to clean.)


We mentioned pollen as something that can collect around your house. Are you allergic? Do you have allergies? A power washer would clear away those aggravating allergens, so you do not have to be miserable inside of your home. It is bad enough to deal with these things outside.


Restore pride in your home by getting rid of years’ worth of dirt. No matter what, it finds your property, so when you go years without washing your home’s exterior, things can start to look a little dingy and unkempt. However, a nice power washing session will make your home look vibrant and new again.

More Power Washing Opportunities

 power washing furniture


You do not have to stop with your home, either. You can power wash your driveway because grime, car oil, and debris can coat your parking space. Power wash your deck or patio. You may want to go out barefoot, and it may not be the best idea to track your patio or deck into your house. Power wash your roof because it just saves time cleaning it manually. Time is money, after all, and your time is valuable.


There are an impressive number of reasons to power wash your home, including other reasons which may not be listed here. If you don't have your own power washer, Sidekick Home will connect you to best power washing pros in the South Shore and Metro Boston area. These folks will ensure your property's exterior is sparkling clean and ready for the summer.