Small Deck Design Ideas that Fit Anywhere


A Small Deck to Suit Any Size Home


If you’re looking to perfect your home’s exterior but are short on outdoor space, a small deck might be just the thing.  Often, we at Sidekick Home find that homeowners think they don’t have space to add an outdoor deck to their property.  (This can be especially true in certain places in Massachusetts where acreage is limited and real estate is hot.) They often find, much to their delight, that they were wrong.  A deck is a desirable addition to any home and adds usable outdoor space that you and your family are sure to enjoy for years to come.  These are some of our favorite design ideas that are sure to fit any everywhere, no matter how limited your deck space.


Wall Space


We find that exterior walls are seriously neglected in many small deck designs, and they shouldn’t be.  Unless you really love your siding, the exterior wall of your home is a great way to add features or design elements to your small outdoor space.  Hang vertical planters, string lights, toss up an antique sign - you can even paint the area abutting your deck a bold color.  Make your home’s once bare exterior walls a focal point of your outdoor space.  You could even have a contractor come in and build custom storage along the border of your exterior walls.  Your wall space is the only limit here, so let your imagination run wild!


Wrap it Around


If you’re looking to add a small deck to your limited outdoor space, consider building a wraparound deck.  These decks are often narrow, so they’re excellent for achieving the square footage you’d like while fitting nicely in tight outdoor spaces.  Wraparound decks allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors from more than one angle.  They’re also easy to compartmentalize; seating out of the wind, grill by the kitchen, potted plants where they’ll get the best sun, and so on.  Wraparound decks allow homeowners with even the smallest yards to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor deck. 


Consider the Shape

small rounded deck.png


Short on outdoor building space?  Consider building a deck that works with the area you have available.  You can utilize the space you do have by building strategically, and positioning the deck where it will create the biggest impact in the workable space.  Small decks can also be constructed in unique shapes and can have softer lines and angles than a traditional deck.  This look is great for individuals with modern or craft homes, bringing the aesthetics of the interior outside. The octagon shaped deck in the image above certain seems like it could play in any size space, and that is what we find so inspiring about the design.  


If you’d like to get more information on building a small deck on your property in the Newton or South Shore area, call Sidekick Home today.  We work with only the highest quality contractors, who are all licensed and insured, of course.  Sidekick Home is your number one resource for all your home projects, no matter how big are small.  Contact us today to see what our family can do for yours.