Beautiful Patio Ideas to Complete Your Outdoor Space



So Many Patio Options, So Little Time


Where do you plan to have your Memorial Day barbecue this year? On your lawn? While this may seem like a magnificent idea at first, it can do a number on your grass. What you need is an outdoor entertainment space, like a patio. By definition, a patio is a paved outdoor area where homeowners can relax and enjoy the outdoors or entertain guests.  Patios are similar to decks, but they are not usually attached to homes and do not have railings because they are installed directly on the ground. Moreover, patios protect the rest of your backyard by providing a space for everyone to eat, cook, and sit or stand on a level surface.

While a patio may seem like a fantastic idea, keep in mind that there are some attractive options for you to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages.  These are only a few of those options, so you might want to do some outside research before making your decision.


Brick Patios

Brick is an inexpensive option to use for a patio surface, but it certainly doesn’t look cheap. Traditional brick and brick pavers make a beautiful patio surface, but unlike some of the other options listed here, it does not offer much variety in the way of color, shape, or size.  Brick and brick pavers are usually offered in muted colors, and the structure of the clay material limits the possible size of pavers.  However, for a conventional New England colonial or federal, brick will only enhance the traditional look of the property. Furthermore, brick is easy to maintain and replace should something crack or break.


Concrete Patios

This easy maintain patio material has many advantages. Concrete offers many of the things that make brick an attractive choice for a patio, but with few of the associated cons. The design options for concrete are nearly limitless, and its applications are only confined to the limits of your imagination.  However, before choosing to install a concrete patio, there are some First, concrete is vulnerable to moisture, which will eventually lead to cracking and inevitable repairs to keep the surface looking like new.


Natural Stone Patios

A natural stone patio can improve the appearance of any home, but best is this material’s versatility and variety. Homeowners need not choose a single type of stone to pave their patios; they can mix and match colors, sizes, and types to create a design unique to their property. Furthermore, since the look and finish of this material can vary immensely, the stone can make a home more traditional, upscale, casual or rustic.  However, whatever kind you choose, natural stone is an expensive material, so shop wisely.


Tile Patios

Ceramic or porcelain tile is another outstanding option for paving an outdoor patio.  However, one must keep several things in mind when shopping for outdoor tiles.  Ensure you choose a slip resistant product rated for outdoor use for the safety of yourself, your family and guests.  Always apply a waterproofing sealant to protect your tile from moisture, and be sure to get an outdoor rated grout as well, or you will have to redo the job soon after installation.  Tile patios are easy to clean and maintain, and they also provide homeowners with a variety of design and style options as well. 

Simply because your patio outdoors does not mean it should be any less inviting than your home’s interior. Your patio is an extension of your home, so it should match your overall design aesthetic and style. Remember that the material you select for your patio surface, how you use it, and what you put on it are all on your preference, budget, and available space, so be sure to do your homework before making any permanent decisions.

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