Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

If you’re familiar at all with the poetry of Robert Frost, we’re sure you’re familiar with the expression, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Well, it’s not so much an “expression” as it is a line taken from his 1914 poem, “Mending Wall,” but he does have a point. Fences do a lot more than keep people in or out — there is something to be said of the dignified manner of a fenced property.

fence with a rose

While there are many advantages to building a fence, it’s equally important to know about the many types of fences you can choose from. After all, a fence is an extension of your home; it’s the face — make sure it looks nice!

On that note, here’s a list of fences you can build and we’ll give you a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of each type starting with:


Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing? Really? We tend to think about aluminum regarding the foil kind, but aluminum fencing is a smart and thrifty choice. For starters, it’s known to be a durable, eco-conscious fencing material, as well as low maintenance and cost-effective. Aluminum delivers good bang for your buck. It’s also quite versatile — it can either be molded into a standard or custom design fit for any terrain.

aluminum fence

But it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. There is a downside to aluminum, because it does tend toward the weaker side of the fence continuum. Come to think of it, maybe those images of aluminum foil fencing were justified? Well, not really — we’re teasing. It can be great choice for right homeowner.


Wood Fencing

Who doesn’t love a nice, solid wood fence? Literally — who doesn’t? We ask this because wood fencing just so happens to be the most popular, longest-lasting fence type in America. Why is this? Well, wood fences say that people are welcome to your home while being subtle about defining where it is. The quality of the fence depends on the type of wood you choose to make it out of.

wood fence

Having said that, the place where they get you is in the price; it’s not terribly expensive to build one, but the price of the fence is relative to its height. And with many people measuring up at over six feet tall, yeah, wood fences may cost you, but boy are they lovely.


PVC Fencing

Just like PVC pipes, there are PVC fences. It is by far the cheapest option to fence around your home with while also being weather resistant. PVC fencing is essentially a case to go around wood fencing. Wood rots.

Now who in their right mind would pay for two types of fences? Hear us out: because it is a casing, it also means that you don’t have to use as much wood in your wood fences. Remember us saying wood fences are only as expensive as their height? PVC helps mitigate that, and makes it a solid choice.


Wrought Iron Fencing

Nothing says security like good old-fashioned wrought iron. Like aluminum fencing, wrought iron can be molded into sophisticated designs without compromising security, privacy, or durability. An excellent choice for somebody who wants it all — elegance, security and privacy.

wrought iron fence

As one might expect, having it all does come at a price. They’re not inexpensive and they do require high levels of upkeep because wrought iron is still iron. We know that iron rusts, and the paint on iron fences chip away over time. That being said, wrought iron is still a good choice. You just need to sandblast every so often, and possibly paint every couple of years.


Vinyl Fencing

Not immediately attractive for the more fiscally conservative members of the crowd, Vinyl fencing does come at a higher price to install at first, but it’s really an investment that pays for itself. The strength of vinyl is exponentially stronger than most other types of fencing. (We’re looking at you aluminum and PVC!)

Vinyl fence.png

In addition, vinyl fencing is very easy to clean so you don’t have that weighing on your mind. A good choice for those efficient with their time. Even when vandals decide to make your fence their next centerpiece, it’s easy to wash away. No problems here!


Chain Link Fencing

We think it’s a universal thing when we say that chain link fences tell people to stay out. It’s not the most welcoming sight in the world. Speaking of sights, everybody can see you with this fence. It also rusts, which is not attractive. What it lacks in aesthetics and privacy, however, it makes up for in versatility. Many chain link fences can be dressed up with vegetation, such as bushes, or perennials, planted at the base of the fence.

chain link fence

Chain link fences are also the choice for many public entities, such as schools and businesses, precisely because of cost-effectiveness and the ability to “mold” it however they like. These types of fences also generally require only small amounts of upkeep.


While there are many choices you can select from when adding a fence to your property, there are also other types of fences that did not make this list. Therefore, as with anything, research is key before making a purchase; an informed shopper is a smart shopper.

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