The Science of Hanging Art

the science of hanging art


Have you ever felt like you need a professional to come and hang your photos, or your artwork, because you just can’t seem to get it right? You're not alone. 


Now you don't necessarily need to pay someone to hang your pictures for you, (but we'll definitely help you out if you would like) you just need to learn a few tricks we at Sidekick Home have picked up over the years.  It isn’t rocket science, but a little careful planning will help you do it right the first time, so you’re not putting holes in your drywall. (If you do, we have your back!)


The Right Picture for the Room

The first thing you’ll need to do is select the right size picture(s) for the room.  If you feel overwhelmed by a particular piece in a room, try it in a more open space.  If you feel underwhelmed, try adding some complimentary photos or art work to the wall, around the picture, to make it feel more substantial.  Also, make sure your wall art suits a room’s décor before banging any nails.  The arrangement in the photo above is a good example.


Hang Pictures at Eye Level

You should always try to hang your pictures at eye level.  If you’re really tall or really short, this does not apply to you! It's been decided that artwork looks best hung between five feet three inches and five feet seven inches high, which is considered the average by interior designers.  However, it’s appropriate to hang above or below eye level depending on your overall design.


Centering Your Artwork

Your art and family photos will always look perfectly arranged if they’re properly centered.  This doesn’t always mean the exact center of a wall, unless of course it covers most of the wall.  Otherwise, center your pictures above a focal point in a room like a mantle, couch, or buffet.  Of course, if you have a specific design in mind this isn’t a hard and fast rule. 


centering your art



Measure Twice, Hang Once

You’ll have to take measurements and mark your walls with a pencil to find eye level and a good center.  Don’t worry about your walls, the pencil will come right off.  Measure twice because we all make mistakes.  You can plan your design by using a template (if you’re unsure) and by cutting out the different size frames from paper and arranging them on the walls.  This is a great way to make adjustments before putting regretful holes in your walls.


Use a Level

If you’d like all your pictures to hang straight, use a level.  If you don’t have one in the house you can download a bubble level app on your phone.  No excuses!


wall decor should reflect your unique tastes


And Finally - Be Your Unique Self

The pictures and art you choose to hang on your walls should represent your tastes and style.  Don’t feel bad if something you loved 20 years ago doesn’t seem so great anymore.  Tastes change with the times, so go with what you like when choosing décor to hang on your walls.  Your home should be a reflection of you, so remember that the science of hanging art is really up to you.  (Except the level.  You need to use one.)