What is a Mudroom Anyway?

Unless you’ve lived in New England for a while, you might’ve never heard anyone call a room in their house a “mudroom”, but it’s a real thing around here.  Maybe you’ve heard the term before, but could not really picture a mudroom in your head.  Is it a room where you keep your mud?  Well, sort of.  Today your friends at Sidekick Home are going to explain exactly what a mudroom is and why you probably need one if you live in New England. 

So What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is sort of an entryway into your house where you can take of your shoes and hang up your coat.  Sometimes these rooms are insulated and heated, sometimes not.  Occasionally, a mudroom will be finished nicely, but the ones we grew up with had unfinished floors and walls.  So technically, mudroom is where you keep your muddy, wet boots and coat so you don’t track a mess into the house.  It’s like a really big closet for coats and shoes you don’t want to bring into the house, located right off your front or back door. 

I personally grew up in a 1750’s colonial with a 1970’s addition that included a mudroom.  The old farmhouse door had been removed and placed on the addition leading into the mudroom, which was partially finished.  The previous owners recovered many 250-year-old nails to use as coat hooks, and recovered period beams from the barn to use as well.  The floor was simple plywood and commercial carpet, with an original latch door led into the house.  We all used to keep slippers or house shoes in the mudroom to wear as we put on before going in the house.

Why You Should Have One

In our experience here at Sidekick Home, this is fairly typical for an older home in New England, but many newer constructions lack a good mudroom.  This means these homeowners are tracking muck into their homes on their shoes and jackets.  Even if you have a no shoes home, if you don’t have a mudroom you’re still bringing sand, salt, and mud into your entryway for people to spread around with their stocking feet.  A mudroom keeps all that dirt contained and out of the rest of your house, so you aren’t constantly sweeping, vacuuming and mopping your floors. 

Want a Mudroom?  Sidekick Home Can Help

By this point your probably wondering how you’ve been living all this time without a mudroom in your home.  However, you might also be a little unsure about putting an addition on your house and where to find a contractor.  Don’t work, Sidekick Home has you covered.  We only work with highly qualified and insured contractors who are eager to work on your home improvement project.  We have the right professional for the job so you can have the mudroom of your dreams faster than a New England spring.  Contact us today to see what Sidekick Home can do for you!