8 Best Perennials for Color All Season

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Pretty Perennials


If you love looking out of your window and seeing colorful flowers in your garden from spring to fall, this is for you.  At Sidekick Home we all love our customers so much, we’re going to share with you a carefully curated list of the eight best perennials for color in your garden all season long.




Better known as the daffodil or paperwhite, this lovely flower blooms from early spring to early summer.  There are many color varieties of narcissus ranging from pure white, to yellows, oranges and pinks.  These early bloomers are a great way to add some color to your spring landscape, and are great for cutting too.


Perennial Geraniums


When the narcissus begins to fade in late spring, it’s time for geraniums to take over.  These delicate pink, white, blue and purple flowers start showing color in mid-spring and bear blooms throughout the summer.  If you’re not careful, perennial geraniums can spread like wildfire so be sure to trim them regularly.




Astilbe are hearty, low flowers that bloom in late spring and through the summer.  They have delicate, feathery conical flowers that make excellent ground cover and borders.  Astilbe can prove difficult to get started, but once you get them growing they’re hard to kill.




Some people call these coneflowers, but whatever you call them they’re a stunning addition to any garden.  Echinacea add color to your garden all summer long, and come in purple, red, white, yellow and giant varieties.  Bees and butterflies love these perennials, so Echinacea is a must have for any pollinator garden.




This gorgeous shrub is one of our favorite summer blooms here at Sidekick Home.  Hydrangea flower from midsummer to early fall, and make beautiful, fragrant bouquets and arrangements.  They’re also really great for drying to keep in your kitchen for keeping the winter blues at bay.  Pro tip: if you want to turn your hydrangeas blue, remember to acidulate the soil around them.




There are many varieties of phlox.  Creeping phlox bears tiny, delicate flowers in spring in blues and purples, and makes a great ground cover in full sun or partial shade.  If you let it go, creeping phlox will start to carpet your entire garden, so trim it as needed.  The most familiar variety of phlox grows from between two and five feet tall and flowers in late summer in blue, purple, pink, white and orange.




Most asters only begin to flower in the fall when the weather begins to cool.  There are too many varieties of asters to mention here, but our personal favorite are the spiky purple ones.  These lovely blooms add a touch of color to your fall landscape as the leaves begin to turn brilliant reds, yellows and oranges themselves.




This hearty plant is one of the few perennial succulents that can survive a harsh New England winter.  Sedum bloom in late summer and will last until the first frost, an impressive feat for the cousin of a cactus.  These perennials come in shades of pink and green and are a great way to distract you from the coming winter.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the eight best perennials for adding color to your garden all season long.  And remember, if you need landscaping or garden help in the South Shore or Newton area, Sidekick Home is your best resource for qualified, licensed, and insured contractors ready for your project!