3 Reasons You Need a Sidekick Home Spring Walk Through

House envy.  You may not know it, but you’ve got it. 


If you’ve ever visited someone’s home and wished yours was problem free, and running like a well-oiled machine like theirs, you’re not alone.  All of those little projects like your leaky sink, drafty windows, the door that doesn’t close right and the rips in your screened in porch, can start to pile up.  Unless you’re a DIY warrior, these things are often put aside for more pressing concerns like eating, sleeping, working and most importantly, spending time with your loved ones.  When you finally get around to calling a contractor to take care of the issues in your home, they tell you the job’s too small and they won’t come out for it. 

So, you’ve got five or ten annoying little fixes you don’t have the time, or skills, to remedy yourself and you can’t get a contractor to come and take care of them.  Frustrating, right?!

Not anymore.  With Sidekick Home’s spring walk through service, you can get all those little repairs done through a single source.  Our team of expert contractors and handymen are just what you need to make your house the envy of the neighborhood this year.  Here are three reason why you can’t do without a Sidekick Home walk through this spring.



Reason #1 - Winter Property Damage

We’re all from New England, so we don’t need to tell you how spastic winters here can be.  All of the temperature and moisture changes a New England winter brings can cause some serious wear and tear to your property - inside and out. 

When you book your spring walk through with Sidekick Home, one of our expert team members (aka Sidekicks) will inspect your home, and the rest of your property, with you.  They’ll take note of each repair you’ve had on your to do list and they'll let you know about anything you might have missed. 


Reason #2 - Hidden Problems in the Home

Sometimes our homes can have hidden issues that only a trained eye can see.  Sometimes they’re minor, sometimes not so much.  Whether it’s a leaky shower or a crack in your foundation, your Sidekick Home spring walk through will give you the knowledge you need to determine the urgency with which you should complete each project, no matter the size or scope. 


Reason #3 - House Envy

After your Sidekick Home spring walk through, you'll be able to envision you house looking so good it’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.  You'll have a plan of action that you can work on with your home improvement concierge (aka Sidekick) and you can begin checking things off your list.

You’ve experienced house envy before, now it’s your turn to bring it out in others.  All your friends and neighbors will marvel at how you found the time to take care of all those little projects that tend to build up, and they'll wonder how the heck you did it all. 

It doesn’t have to be our little secret though...