Beginner’s Guide to the Best Game Day Setup

 beginner's guide to the best game day setup

It’s Sunday morning, and your cousin just cancelled having the Sunday game day party because one of the kids has a stomach bug. Needless to say, you’ve been getting phone calls from every sibling, cousin, aunt, and uncle wondering, “who is going to have Game Day today?” Clearly, they weren’t planning on hosting it themselves, why else would they call you?

Well I’ve got you covered.

This is a quick guide to prepare you for the inevitable storm coming your way (friends and family, that is).

 game day food for your guests

Step One: Feed them

Unfold your best plastic, outdoor table and cover with a tablecloth of your choice (I suppose the color depends on what team you’re rooting for). Put out paper plates, napkins, cutlery, and a bottle opener to be fair.

Now, what’s the most cost and time effective way to feed a group last minute? Well, I’ve made a list for you. This is going to be the feast of your fantasies… but on a budget!

1.     Soup Sunday: This one is an invention from my Father. All you need for this is broth, mixed veggies (frozen, canned or fresh), a bag of noodles, and meat. You can make multiple variations of soup using different seasoning or meat choices. My Dad usually ends up doing lemon chicken rice and beef noodle. Buy yourself a loaf of bread to go with it and you’re ready!

2.     Frozen Feast: This one is zero maintenance. Buy a bunch of frozen pizza, wings, and potato skins. Fire them up in the oven and serve!

3.     Pasta Bar: Another time effective option for picky eaters that is cheap! Fill a baking pan with plain pasta. In smaller bowls, create a bar of options such as alfredo, marinara, red meat, white meat, a variety of vegetables, cheeses, and bread. This way everyone gets what they want and you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it.

4.     Dip Duty! This is a great idea if you’re looking to stick with snacks instead of a whole dinner. (Although, you will have to watch out for infamous double dippers. Thus, the ‘dip duty’ bit). Make a bunch of creative dips using these recipes from Food Network.

5.     Fancy Funday: Do you have a family that expects more creative food? Well here’s an article I found with some cool ideas. It has beer, it has cheese, it has bacon. Here it is.

Extra Tip: Don’t put the food right in front of the TV! People will be walking back and forth, blocking the view.

 tv mounting and installation 

Step Two: Check the Tech

Nothing is worse than watching the game and having the TV turn off for no good reason. If you’re a seasoned host, you likely already have a giant, flat screen TV mounted on the wall and surround sound technology. Hook all of that up and make sure it’s all working properly so you don’t deflate your great reputation as a master host person. That could be a massive scandal.


 comfortable game day furniture

Step Three: ‘Fun’iture

Sometimes, it all comes down to comfort and convenience. For your couches, loveseats, and recliners, you will need…

1.     Cup holders – and if you don’t have those, get plenty of side tables and foldable tables to put out.

2.     Reclining - “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show”. This can’t be done without reclining capabilities! If you’re lacking in the recliner departments, get some ottomans or check out these DIY ottoman projects. (I know you don’t have time, but it’s still a cool idea!)

3.     Blankets and Pillows - Everyone is comfortable at a different temperature, and it is starting to get colder! Throw some team themed blankets and pillows out (maybe ones you don’t care about getting dip and beer on).

Extra Tip: Don’t forget about premium lighting! Keep lights on at angle that avoids TV glare so you can have the brightness you need without the distraction of the bulb’s glow right on top of your team.

 game day decorating ideas

Step Four: Décor

We have already established that you have T minus 5 hours to get your house together for game day. If you’re already going out to the store, check out these great decoration ideas that you can keep using season after season.

1.     Team themed coasters (keep your tables safe from glass rings)
2.     Upcycle game day themed shirts to make a tablecloth, blanket, apron, banner, etc.
3.     Team beer koozies
4.     Brown solo cups with stitches drawn onto them (footballs)
5.     Blackboard for game predictions

 clean up after game day

Step Five: Clean Up!

Hooray! The party was a success. Everyone came over, ate your food, watched your TV, and left! Now to clean up after everyone to get your home back to normal.

It’s too bad… I don’t know all that much about the clean-up part. Oh well, best of luck!

Extra Tip: If you need your tv mounted on the wall, contact us and we'll take care of it for you!