Stunning Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2017


Outdoor Lighting Trends to Suit Any Home


Skillful outdoor lighting can transform the average house into a spectacular home. For years, landscapers have lit up nighttime lawns, gardens, and homes with various cleverly placed lights, but property owners are finally starting to get on the bandwagon. Good lighting ideas catch on quickly and can very suddenly become all the rage in exterior design.  Here are some of the Sidekick Home team’s favorite outdoor lighting trends for 2017.

Simulated Moonlight

 Outdoor Lighting as Simulated Moonlight


Regardless of the setting, the light of the full moon will always be in style. Imitating the glow of a full moon is a current outdoor lighting trend homeowners can use to create a relaxing atmosphere or highlight landscape features in a seemingly effortless way. If you want a natural looking moonlight effect for your outdoor space, it is best to install down facing lights high above the ground.  You can attain a dappled moonlight look by installing the lights high in trees and allowing the soft light to filter through the branches, creating shadows and highlights for a more organic result. When a homeowner can mimic what nature can do only a few nights a month, the results are sure to be memorable.


Chandeliers for the Outdoors

 Outdoor Lighting Design with Chandeliers


Bold, beautiful chandeliers can transform dull outdoor spaces into chic living areas. Outdoor chandeliers can provide illuminating style and style for entrances, porches, balconies, patios, gazebos and more! However, when shopping for an outdoor chandelier, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, your chandelier must be waterproof. The chandelier also should be able to withstand outdoor weather. Second, consider the height. Make sure that your chandelier can be mounted high enough that it will hang above the heads of all adults. Third, consider the voltage. Since the lights will probably be on for several hours at a time, you should choose a chandelier with low voltage.


Modern Lanterns

 Modern Lanterns for Outdoor Lighting Design


Lanterns have been a favorite outdoor lighting choice for many decades. However, contemporary homeowners are looking for updated versions with designs that offer the stylish look of a post or hanging lantern in modern shapes, colors, and materials. Modern outdoor lanterns combine form and function perfectly by providing light for your space regardless of your home’s exterior design. A sleek and modern outdoor lantern can complete the design of even a traditional home by creating an attractive contrast in styles for a chic finished look since a modern lantern will not undermine the aesthetic of an older or traditional home. When using modern lanterns to complete your home’s exterior design, you may want to think a tad outside the box, like seeking larger scale than you usually would or a unique finish or material. Homeowners should also contemplate how the lanterns will look at night in addition to the day for the most appealing results.


Hardscape Lighting

 Outdoor Hardscape Lighting Trends


Hardscape lighting is the use of existing structures like paths, decks, patios, or stairs to incorporate outdoor illumination. Hardscaping provides opportunities for lighting an outdoor living space that might not be available otherwise, like back-lighting or under-lighting.  Including hardscape lighting into any outdoor design means that homeowners can maximize the use of outdoor living spaces any time of day. Furthermore, hardscape lights can improve safety by illuminating patios, walkway, steps, structures, and driveways while providing added interest to a home’s exterior.


Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

 Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Initiative


Many towns and cities are implementing Dark Sky initiatives that control when and how you can light your yard. Some cities only allow certain types of necessary lights to be illuminated outdoors between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am, and many require lights to be shielded to avoid glare and light casting beyond where it is needed. Light pollution does not permit homeowners to see the stars in their backyards, and it also has an adverse impact on local wildlife.  Because of the potential harm to natural habitats and the drop in quality of life due to light pollution, many homeowners are implementing Dark Sky lighting recommendations in their outdoor lighting, even if they do not live in an area that requires it.


If you're wondering how to update or complete your outdoor living space with one of these, or any other outdoor lighting project, contact the Sidekick Home team today and see how we can help you get the outdoor lighting of your dreams.